Centro Terapéutico Javea

Different ways of healing

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Centro Terapéutico Javea

Different ways of healing

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Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

Centro Terapeutico Javea is a clinic for Outpatient therapy and Rehabilitation. We believe that there are often different ways to help cure a person's ailments, injuries and illnesses. Different as in several different approaches. Every person is different and needs an individual approach. Some people react better to a physiotherapy session, others respond quicker to a treatment with osteopathy or acupuncture. With 'Different Ways of Healing' we also mean, different as in opposed to allopathic medicine. We believe in a holistic view of the human body. We will always try to find the underlying cause of a problem, not just treat symptoms, and we definitely don't believe that taking loads of medication is the solution. That is why we offer a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced therapists to be able to assist everybody's needs and wishes. Together we can help you to get cured, or at least reach a better quality of life.

At Centro Terapeutico Javea we...

  • We provide Evidence Based Medicine combined with safe alternative and complimentary medicine
  • Have a multi disciplinary team with a physiotherapist/osteopath , acupuncturist, psychologist, massage therapist and Pilates instructor.
  • Aim to relieve your pain and restore your body to full functioning, or even better, after an injury
  • Work according to your schedule, with quick appointments and personalized treatment programs
  • Provide evidence-based information that you can rely on how your body works and how to care for it.

Neurological Rehabilitation

We offer comprehensive programs for patients with neurological conditions; Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Peripheral nerve damage.

Orthopedic specialization

With many years of experience in orthopaedic hospitals and rehabilitation centres, we can help you with any orthopedic lesion, pre-, and post- surgery situations, such as Knee-, Hip and Shoulder Replacements, arthrodesis, in- and external fixations, ligament injuries or reconstructions.

Clinical Pilates

We offer both regular Pilates and Clinical (or Physio-) Pilates. 
Clinical Pilates is given by a physiotherapist.  The regular Pilates classes are given by qualified and experienced instructors.

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All personal information is kept confidential according to Spanish laws of data protection. Our therapists are insured for liability so you are safe in our hands


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Carr. Cabo la Nao, 122, 03730 Xàbia, Alicante

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Centro Terapéutico Javea is an outpatient rehabilitation and therapy clinic on the beautiful and sunny Costa Blanca in Spain

Carretera Cabo la Nao La Pla, 122 La Plaza local nr. 9 03730 Xabia